Yamaha Outboards

Yamaha outboard motors are based on the principle of being reliable and durable, with light weight and a compact size. With a variety of sizes from 2 horsepower to 425 horsepower, they range from environmentally friendly 4-stroke models that are especially popular in developed countries, to Enduro models with simple structures that are suitable for use in emerging countries and electric models for coastal commercial fishing, and from recreational to commercial uses.

Yamaha also offers products installed on boats in combination with their outboard motors, including an information management system that informs the driver of the engine status and navigational situation, and a boat control system that assists in maneuvering medium-size and large boats at low speeds through narrow areas. Complementing the engines is an extensive range of peripheral equipment to better enjoy the boating life, like the Yamaha Command Link Plus system for monitoring engine status and more, and the Helm Master EX boat control system that assists in maneuvering the craft. More than 90% of Yamaha outboard motors are exported to markets outside Japan, and are currently being sold in roughly 180 countries and territories.

Yamaha Products

Yamaha MyOutboards App

MyYamahaOutboards App

Digitize your ­maintenance records without lifting a finger—except to swipe and tap.
Yamaha Helm Master

Yamaha Helm Master Ex

Bringing even more joy to joystick control systems.
Yamaha Battery Management

Yamaha Battery-Management System

The latest and greatest in battery management.