Sound Advice: Accentuating Sound with Tower Speakers

You should hear your favorite songs the way they’re meant to be heard. Consider amping up your boat with a set of tower speakers.

In this new video series presented by KICKER Marine Audio, Randy Vance offers sound advice on what to look for when upgrading the audio systems on your boat.

By now, you know what to consider when upgrading your boat’s head unit, installing new speakers, and choosing an amp and subwoofer. The last piece of the puzzle to really make your sound kick? Tower speakers. In this fourth installment of Sound Advice, Randy walks through key features to consider in tower speakers in order to be in the center of the soundstream from your boat’s awesome stereo.

Wake boat with KICKER speakers
KICKER With KMFC Horn-Loaded Tower Systems, your tunes are loud and clear, whether you’re in the boat, at the party cove or on the end of a tow rope.

In the video, Randy covers the KICKER Marine Audio KMFC9 and KMFC11 tower speakers and the KMT series for demonstration. Check out KICKER’s website to learn more and start shopping:


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