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Furuno goes bigger — and better — with the new TZT22X and TZT24X TZtouchXL units.
NavNet TZTouchXL
Courtesy Furuno NavNet TZTouchXL

When it comes to multifunction displays, bigger is better. Period. More screen space for your fish finder, more screen space for your chart plotter, and more screen space for your radar make it easier to spot fish, easier to split screens and easier to navigate. Unfortunately, while it would be great to have a home-theater-size screen at the helm, MFDs only get so big. For 2023, however, they get bigger than ever for Furuno TZtouch3 fans.

Furuno’s TZtouchXL MFDs boast uber-huge 22-inch and 24-inch full-HD screens with 1920-by-1080 resolution. Their front-mount design allows for side-by-side mounting without trim or gaps between multiple displays, so you can enjoy uninterrupted electronic eye candy if there’s room at the helm for more than one unit. And since these sumptuous screens are supersize, you can create custom displays with up to a six-way screen split. You say you’d like to view the chart plotter, sounder, radar, side-scan, video feed and autopilot data all at the same time? Not a problem.

Furuno TZT22X and TZT24X
Courtesy Furuno Furuno TZT22X and TZT24X

Both the TZT22X and TZT24X also enjoy features that set TZtouch3 systems apart from the crowd. Edge-swiping makes it easy to instantly access data and custom Quick Pages, which you can create in minutes by dragging icons onto the setup page. Single-tap touchscreen functionality makes for the easiest and most intuitive menu interface possible, and the Furuno’s PIN-code lock delivers an extra layer of security.

Seasoned TZtouch3 users with existing systems should note that a TZtouchXL MFD can integrate seamlessly with existing systems and still enjoy the benefits of Furuno’s unique added-value functions that come along with the latest software updates. DFF3D Multibeam sonar and CHIRP side-scanning are all in the mix, as are multiple radar, AIS, weather-tracking and VHF options. Furuno now also supports SiriusXM Fish Mapping. And consider the functions unique to Furuno, like Fish-It and Drift-It, which bring up range rings around a waypoint you want to fish and show you where to position the boat in order to drift over it in a specific amount of time. Even more useful to those who enjoy trolling, the Personal Bathymetric Generator (PBG) feature, which allows you to use the DFF3D data to create your own bathymetric maps), has a Follow-It function that lets you choose a contour line, then turn it into a route the boat will follow.

Furuno TZT24X
Courtesy Furuno Furuno TZT24X

TZtouchXL units are powered by a quad-core processor, feature in-plane-switching LCD screens for clear viewing from angles, have wireless LAN, are waterproof to IP56 standards, and can stow 30,000 waypoints and 200 routes. Ports include USB, NMEA 2000, LAN, video, aux and a microSD card. In addition to touchscreen functionality, TZT22X and TZT24X users can enjoy tactile control with the Furuno MCU006 remote control in vertical or horizontal configurations.

You say you’re looking for a new MFD, and you’re not sure which size to pick? This is a no-brainer, people. If there’s room at your helm for one of the new TZtouchXL units, you’d be nuts to go with anything smaller. Price is TBD. Visit for more information.


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