Seakeeper Deck Mount Delivers a New Stabilization Option for Small Boats

Fiberglass enclosure allows installation beneath open leaning posts.
Seakeeper Deck Mount unit
Courtesy Seakeeper The Seakeeper Deck Mount allows small boat owners another option for installing a gyro-stabilizer.

With the new optional Deck Mount, Seakeeper has made it easier for the owners of 23- to 30-plus-foot boats to use its smallest gyro-stabilizer—Seakeeper 1. Many smaller boats don’t have an enclosed space in the console or bilge to house a stabilizer, so Seakeeper created a new housing that can mount beneath an open-framed leaning post.

The new housing weighs about 25 pounds and is made from fiberglass with a Lexan window. It requires a 2.75-inch diameter hole in the deck for wiring.

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Seakeeper Deck Mount close up
Courtesy Seakeeper The Deck Mount features a Lexan window.

The company says the Deck Mount should be installed by a dealer at the same time as the Seakeeper 1 unit, which runs on 12V DC power and weighs 365 pounds. The stabilizer itself costs $16,500 (not including installation), and the Deck Mount costs $1,800.


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