SiOnyx Nightwave

Get connected with full-color night vision that boasts Wi-Fi video streaming.

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Product Information

A black-silicon CMOS (complementary ­metal-oxide-semiconductor) sensor is at the heart of the SiOnyx Nightwave, ­gathering ­starlight to provide a full-color view of the water in the inky blackness of night. Just as impressive: In its brain, you’ll discover ­startlingly smart connectivity. This night-vision unit has built-in Wi-Fi streaming and analog video output, allowing for seamless integration with any major brand of MFD as well as your cellphone or tablet. It is also IP67-rated for the marine environment, offers a 40-degree field of view, and provides the ability to see an object the size of a person at 150 yards away in the darkness.



  • Black-silicon CMOS sensor
  • Built-in Wi-Fi streaming
  • IP67-rated
  • 40-degree field of view
  • Ability to see a person-sized object from 150 meters away in the darkness