Raymarine RealVision 3D Sonar

Get a fish’s-eye view of what lies beneath your boat.

Product Information

Regular 2D sonar is great, but looking through the watery world in 3D is better. RealVision 3D, which works with Axiom MFDs, and can be added to Raymarine’s eS and gS series MFDs using RVX1000 3D chirp sonar and a transducer with built-in gyrostabilization, builds a model of what’s under your boat in real time with realistic 3D views. The best thing isn’t just being able to see the colorized depths, schools of fish and bottom structure, but the ability to use the touchscreen to rotate the views and “fly” around to get a perspective from multiple angles. You don’t merely look down on a wreck, for example, but can pass over it once and see it from all sides.

Price: $949.99

Contact: raymarine​.com


  • RealVision 3D displays the entire underwater world
  • Pan, tilt, and zoom the 3D image to examine from any angle
  • Pause and rewind the sonar history
  • Activate the GPS Trails feature to construct the most accurate 3D model of the underwater world, in real-time