Raymarine Magnum Open Array Radar

Extend you radar views out to an amazing 72 or 96 nautical miles.

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Product Information

If you want the most potent radar around, check out Raymarine’s Magnum Open Array. These potent antennas come in a 4 kW version (4-foot array) that can see out to 72 nm, and a 12 kW version (6-foot array) that reaches an amazing 96 nm. In both cases, you’ll also enjoy MARPA targeting, bird mode, and True Trails target history that lets you see other boat’s directions of travel. Resolution is excellent, thanks to Raymarine’s beam-sharpening tech that provides bearing resolution better than 1 degree. And did we mention the Evolution nine-axis heading sensor, which delivers über-accurate target plots in real time?

Contact: raymarine​.com


  • Beam Width Horizontal (Nominal): 1.85° (4kW - 4ft), 1.15° (4kW - 6ft), 1.85° (12kW - 4ft), 1.15° (12kW - 6ft)
  • Effective Horizontal Beam Width (After Antenna Boost Beam Reduction): Less than 1°
  • Beam Width Vertical -3dB: 25°
  • Antenna Side Lobes (Inside 10°): < -21dB
  • Antenna Side Lobes (Outside 10°): < -30dB
  • Rotation Rate: 24 rpm / 48 rpm (Automatic high-speed mode improves tracking of fast moving contacts at ranges of 3 miles or less. MFD dependent.)
  • Receiver Bandwidth: Matched digital filter for each pulse length
  • Pulse Length/PRF Settings: 8
  • Number of Displayed Video Levels: 256 (8-bit)