Raymarine Evolution EV-150 Autopilot

Leave all those autopilot problems in your wake.

Product Information

Let’s face it, people: In the past, most autopilots have been a bear to install, difficult to calibrate, and often seem to be riddled with problems. Fortunately, they’ve evolved in recent years, and the latest evolutionary leap forward can be found in the Raymarine Evolution EV-150. Designed specifically for small to medium-size boats with hydraulic-steering systems, the EV-150 is easy to get up and running, thanks to fully automatic calibration. Then, it continues to take care of itself with a nine-axis sensor core, algorithms that keep you on track, and Hydro-Balance tech to optimize hydraulic-system performance while ­automatically compensating for factors such as air in the lines and prop walk. The EV-150 is sized for 4.9- to 14-cubic-inch hydraulic-steering systems.

Contact: raymarine.com


  • Automagic™ - No lengthy calibration procedures to perform. No compass calibration required. Plug and play connections
  • Easy to install - Freedom from the restrictions of conventional heading sensors. EV sensor core can be installed above or below deck. Install upside-down or off the vessel's centre line.
  • Aerospace technology - 9-axis precision monitoring of pitch, roll, yaw and heading
  • Fuel efficient - Evolution autopilots steer so accurately they will save fuel and get you to your destination faster