Raymarine Axiom UAV App (For DJI Mavic Pro Drones)

Price: Free software update for Raymarine Axiom owners. The Mavic Pro drone is sold separately

Product Information

How cool would it be to launch a DJI Mavic Pro drone from the deck of your boat, control its flight path, see its view on the MFD at your helm and shoot aerial video of that marlin leaping on the end of your line? It’s possible with the Raymarine Axiom UAV app. Touch-to-fly ­controls are right on the Axiom’s touch screen, and the app can automate many flight controls, including launches, in‑flight navigation and return-to-boat navigation.

Contact: raymarine.com


  • Virtual Tuna Tower
  • Capture The Action With Video Recording
  • Scout Ahead with UAV Goto
  • Real-Time UAV Telemetry