JL Audio M6 Luxe Grille Marine Speakers and Subwoofers

Beat the elements while you groove to the beat.

Product Information

The only thing worse than a subpar stereo system is one that quickly falls victim to the weather and marine environment. Neither issue is a problem with JL’s M6 Luxe Grille marine speakers and subwoofers, which are rated for use in the saltwater environment to exceed ASTM testing standards and are UV-protected. Crossovers are concealed and shielded, and the tweeter protection circuit is solid-state, ­further ­ensuring longevity. Coaxials are available in 6.5-, 7.7-, and 8.8-inch speakers, and ­subwoofers come in 8- and 10-inch flush-mount ­models. Added bonus: These speakers are produced in JL Audio’s Miramar, Florida, factory—not some distant land where ­lackluster ­quality control is an issue.

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  • Exceeds ASTM testing standards
  • UV-protection
  • Concealed and shielded crossovers
  • Solid-state tweeter protection circuitry