Ingenity 23E, 100% Electric Day-Boat

The Ingenity 23E is an electric day boat in a luxury category of its own.

Product Information

Taking full advantage of a zero-emissions drivetrain, Ingenity Electric has unveiled the 23E.

Striking and in style, the Ingenity 23E is an electric day boat in a luxury category of its own. From subtle accents to bold lines, its modern classic design blends the contemporary and the timeless in perfect harmony. Its patent-pending modular “skateboard” design brings unprecedented flexibility for development of future products.

The absence of above deck drive components at the transom opens the boat to new possibilities for doing what matters most…spending time with people we love. The three main seating areas on the Ingenity 23E create the ideal environment for up to eleven. The bow has an optimal “round robin” arrangement, and the wind gate can be opened up for a clear passage from the sandbar to the stern. The mid ship hosts shaded relaxation while the stern cascades down into a natural invitation to the water.

The Ingenity 23E uses forward-facing sterndrive propulsion to optimize safety, performance, and low-speed maneuverability. The boat is designed for luxury, comfort, and stability and can cruise up to 14 hours at low speed with its 126 kWh range package. The 23E runs at a top speed of 30 mph.

Seamless integrated steering and throttle control combined with an intuitive user interface on the touchscreen make operating the 23E simple and approachable. Standard on-board telematics brings remote charging and location monitoring to your phone vie the Ingenity Connect app while also enabling over-the-air updates.



  • Beam: 102"
  • Overall Length: 25'
  • Person Capacity: 11
  • Top Speed: 30 mph
  • Range: 18 hrs @ 6mph, 1hr @ 20mph (base model); 36 hrs @ 6mph, 2hr @ 20mph (range model)
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