Icom MA-510TR Class B AIS Transponder

The Icom MA-510TR allows you to harness the information provided by AIS to its fullest.

Product Information

The MA-510TR transponder receives both Class A and Class B AIS signals while also incorporating a GPS antenna. It has the ability to guide you to a specified AIS target, and features a collision alarm that activates when a target gets closer than your preset values, plus an anchor alarm that can do the same. The MA-510TR has NMEA 2000 connectivity and shows you the data it’s collecting on a 4.3-inch color LCD screen that can mark potential collision vessels in red. You can also go stealth and switch off AIS transmitting functions (but still receive incoming AIS signals) should you choose.

Contact: icomamerica​.com


Frequency Coverage: 161.500 MHz to 162.025 MHz
Type of Emission: 16K0GXW (GMSK)
Antenna Impedence: 50Ω nominal
Intermediate Frequency:
CH-A 1st: 21.700 MHz, 2nd: 450 kHz
CH-B 1st: 30.150 MHz, 2nd: 450 kHz
Operating Temperature Range: -20°C to +60°C; -4°F to +140°F
Power Supply Requirement:
Negative Ground: 12V or 24V DC nominal (9.6V to 31.2V)
Current Drain (at 12V DC):
Tx: 1.5A
Rx: 0.7A
Dimensions (approximate) (Projections not included): 166.2 (W) × 110.2 (H) × 92.5 (D) mm, 6.5 (W) × 4.3 (H) × 3.6 (D) inches
Weight (approximate): 700g, 1.5 lbs