Garmin GMR Fantom 126

This is one Fantom that you’ll want by your side to navigate through the night.

Product Information

The GMR Fantom 126 is Garmin’s most powerful ­solid-state, open-array radar, utilizing 120 watts of power. Employing MotionScope Doppler technology, users can detect and highlight moving targets in different colors to avoid collisions, track the weather or find flocks of birds. Pulse-compression technology allows for maximum target identification while also displaying high-resolution imagery. And let’s not forget the new True Echo Trails feature, which leaves a tell-tale trail from moving targets.



  • Physical Dimensions:
    Pedestal: 16.6" x 14.3" x 10.7"
    Pedestal: 42.1 x 36.4 x 27.1 cm
    Full assembly: 15.9" height x 75.2" diameter
    Full assembly: 40.3 cm height x 190.9 cm diameter
  • Weight:
    Array: 16 lb (7.3 kg)
    Pedestal: 34.7 lb (15.7 kg)
  • Water Rating: IPX6
  • Peak Transmit Power: 120 W
  • Max Wind Load: 80kt
  • Antenna Length: 72" (182.9 cm)
  • Rotation Speed (RPM): 24 and 48 rpm (high speed only available in single range mode with MotionScope disabled, and on range settings of 12 NM or lower)
  • Beam Width: 1.25° horizontal, 23° vertical
  • Maximum Range: 96 nm
  • Minimum Range: 6 meters
  • Radar Type: Open-Array
  • Power Input: 10-32 V DC
  • Power Consumption: 80 W
  • Max Power Consumption: 185 W
  • Dual Range: Yes
  • Overlay: Yes
  • Dual Radar Support: Yes
  • Autobird Gain: Yes
  • Autogain: Dynamic
  • MARPA With Auto Acquisition: Yes (Requires Heading Sensor, Sold Separately)
  • Echo Trails: Yes
  • MotionScope: Yes
  • Programmable Antenna Parking: Yes
  • Target Size: Yes
  • Scan Averaging: Yes