Fusion Entertainment Apollo-Series Marine Amplifiers

More power and clean, clear audio.

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Product Information

You say you want to turn the volume up to 11 ­without sacrificing one bit of sound quality? Then check into the Fusion Apollo-series amps, which deliver a throbbing 150 watts of oomph per channel. These are monoblock, multichannel amplifiers that allow for audio-zone expansion yet use less power than the norm, so you can groove to the beat without beating down your batteries. Added bonus: Audio settings are easy to set and change using your phone as the controller via the Fusion-Link app, and the Easy Tune function can automatically regulate audio settings.

Contact: fusionentertainment.com


  • Identify electrical issues at a glance. These indicator lights will show you issues with electrical currents and shorts as well as temperature.
  • Easily install the amplifiers on board with the included mounting brackets.
  • The ignition protected design helps prevent potential damage from overheating.
  • The amplifier’s circuit board has been specially coated to provide extra protection from the marine elements.
  • You can connect up to two speakers per channel, increasing setup options.
  • The amplifiers are designed to last season after season. They have been tested to a high level of protection against salt fog, temperature, vibration and UV.