Furuno DFF3D Multi-Beam Sonar

Make your own 3D shaded-relief charts.

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Product Information

It’s true that 3D fish finders offer some amazing views, but they’re limited in range—at least they were, until the DFF3D. This multibeam sonar peers down to 1,000 feet, as well as 650 feet off each side in a 120-degree swath of water. More display capabilities include single- to triple-beam views, side scanning, and cross section. Plus, it talks with the GPS, so you can spot a wreck, reef or fish school and make a waypoint on your plotter with a single tap. And the personal bathymetric generator lets you create your own 3D shaded-relief charts and save them on your MFD for later use.

Contact: furunousa​.com


  • Display Size: Supplied Separately
  • Display Type: Supplied Separately
  • Frequency: 165 kHz
  • Power Usage: 12-24 VDC
  • Range: 300 m down - 200 m sidebar