Edson Vision Series Electronics Mounts

Edson Vision series electronics mounts blend form with function.

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Product Information

Do you need to install a radar antenna, camera, spotlight, or other electronics appendage atop your boat? If so, the Edson Vision series electronics mounts offer both looks and dependability. These marine-grade aluminum mounts are powder-coated and available in multiple height increments from 6 to 36 inches. They’re also available in single, double and triple configurations. And because Edson knows that boat owners are constantly adding gadgets and gizmos, it made the Vision series modular, so you’re always ready for upgrades and modifications.

Contact: edsonmarine​.com


  • 6-inches in height
  • Aft raked 30 degrees
  • Powder coated aluminum
  • Optional Light Arm
  • Optional Antenna Mounting Wing
  • Requires Vision Mounting Plate to install radar or sat dome antenna
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