Dometic Trim Tabs

Dometic Trim Tabs mix reinvention with reliability.

Product Information

Sick and tired of clunky and confusing analog trim tabs and controls? Of course you are. The new Dometic smart trim-tab system rethinks and reinvents both tabs and their user interface, bringing trim tabs into the modern electronics era. They’re fast, user-­programmable, and incorporate an intuitive dial-style controller. The actuator has digital position commands, and LEDs accurately indicate tab position. The controller-­area-network-based actuators are available in 4.25-inch and 2.25-inch lengths.



  • Solid Actuator shaft design provides exceptional strength
  • LEDs that accurately indicate the position of the trim tab
  • Safe mode, will auto-retract if communication is lost
  • Higher load carrying ability in both push and pull applications
  • Custom tabs available
  • CAN-based actuator with positional accuracy and repeatability
  • Links with Optimus Joystick, EPS steering and shift & throttle controls