Clarion CMS 6.5-Inch Marine Coaxial Speakers

Clarion CMS 6.5-inch marine coaxial speakers offer affordability without giving up quality.

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Product Information

Standard-size 6.5-inch marine speakers come on a wide range of boats, but they often need to be replaced because so many marine speakers aren’t built to last. That’s why Clarion’s CMS 6.5-inch speakers will be of interest to many boaters in need of a retrofit—they’ll slide right into the standard-size cutouts, and are built with marine-grade components to meet ASTM certification for both sun and salt-fog exposure. These speakers are available with and without RGB lighting, with white and black grilles included. Added bonus: They’re optimized for infinite-baffle ­applications, to deliver excellent sound quality.



  • Includes White & Black Grilles

  • Salt & Sun Certified

  • 30W RMS power handling, perfect for
    source unit-powered systems

  • Bridge-mounted, 1/2-inch (13 mm) balanced-dome, polymer tweeter with neodymium magnet and ferrofluid cooling

  • Standard cutout size and mounting hole for easy retrofitting