Airmar B175HW Wide-Beam Chirp-Ready Tilted Element™ Transducer (Thru-hull)

Unlock the true potential of your fishfinder with the superior quality and performance of an AIRMAR Chirp-ready transducer.

Product Information

Airmar’s 1 kW wide-beam B175HW Chirp-ready Tilted Element Transducer makes targeting tuna an easy task while they chase bait throughout the upper water column. The B175HW delivers a high-frequency 150-250 kHz band for a total 100 kHz of bandwidth from one transducer, providing superior shallow-water performance, bottom detail and fish-target separation to 500 feet. And when it comes to upper water column coverage under your boat, the B175HW’s constant 25° beam is the widest you can achieve, providing twice the coverage of most standard, narrow-beamed transducers. The B175HW is available in 0°, 12° and 20° Tilted Element models, and is recommended for boats up to 36’.



  • Provides twice the total coverage and more fish revealed in a wider area under the boat than is possible with traditional non-Chirp transducers.
  • The wide beam enables excellent fish detection in the upper water column, an area missed by most narrow beam transducers. Ideal for pelagic fishing.
  • Tilted Element compensates for the hull deadrise, ensuring the beam is aimed straight down to maximize echo returns and eliminate the need for a fairing.