New Watermakers for 2023

New products from Blue Water Desalination, Parker Hannafin and Spot Zero
A boat hull crashing through the waves of the ocean.
Fish Hunt Photo Keeping dark hulls free of water spots means having plenty of ultra-pure water on hand at the dock or while traveling to remote destinations.

Terms such as “cutting-edge technology” and “fully automatic” often cause a captain’s ears to perk up. Whether it’s related to electronics or transmissions, or any system for that matter, anything that makes our lives just a little bit easier is definitely worth a second look.

Osmosis, according to Merriam-Webster, is the movement of a solvent through a semipermeable membrane into a solution of higher solute concentration that tends to ­equalize the concentrations of solute on the two sides of the membrane. It was first observed in 1748 by Jean-Antoine Nollet. For the next 200 years, the naturally occurring phenomenon was observed only in labs, but by 1950, the University of Florida and the University of California had been able to successfully reverse the process to make fresh water from seawater. Reverse osmosis was originally geared toward making drinking water for municipalities, and made its big watermaking debut in Cape Coral, Florida, in 1977, with a total output of 3 million gallons per day. Juxtapose that with the fact that a single modern onboard watermaker is capable of producing nearly 1 million gallons of product water per year, and you gotta love good ol’ American ingenuity.

Today, it’s practically unheard of for modern-­day sportboats to be delivered without a watermaker or purifier of some sort, and for a technology that took so long to enter the recreational-boating market, that same technology has taken a fast track to something we now can’t live without.

Three companies refuse to take the “good enough” mantra and continue to define the flux limits, making desalination and ­purification of water faster, and pushing the current technology to work better. And in the words of author Arthur C. Clark: “The ­limits of the possible can only be defined by going beyond them, into the impossible.”

Blue Water Desalination

Revealed at the 2022 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, Blue Water’s Explorer XT model is the company’s latest innovation in water purification. Designed to fit in nearly any available space, this expandable system offers capacities anywhere from 475 to 1,800 gallons per day and is said to be the perfect accessory for new or refitted midsize to larger yachts.

Blue Water Desalination Explorer XT
Blue Water Desalination Blue Water Desalination Explorer XT

The Explorer XT unit is fully ­automatic, has a flexible footprint, and provides an impressive product-water output of up to 75 gallons per hour. Using the same leading-­edge technology as the company’s Express XT model, Blue Water Desalination continues to provide us with pure, fresh water at the touch of a button.

The Explorer XT comes in three different configurations: a compact all-in-one frame, as well as one- or two-piece configurations to ensure that installation is a snap.

Blue Water’s family of systems is available in both compact and modular configurations with production capabilities ranging from 200 to 3,400 gallons per day.

Founded with a commitment to ­provide boaters with reliable operation and ­freedom afloat, Blue Water Desalination also ­realizes that its products are only as good as the customer service and technical support it ­provides, giving rise to a network of nearly 100 dealers and service centers across the globe.

Explorer XT Notable Features

  • Fully automatic, one-touch operation
  • Freshwater flush system with ­adjustable interval
  • High-rejection membranes and ­product-water carbon filter
  • Dual-voltage 50/60 Hz motors
  • Stainless-steel booster-pump shaft
  • Easy service and maintenance
  • Available upgrade to commercial pre-filter
  • Controller with digital display and optional remote

Parker Hannifin Corporation

With watermaking solutions that span ­multiple sectors, including recreational ­boating, Parker has introduced its H2O Eco series of watermakers. This versatile line ­features automatic operation, and is backed with the company’s commitment to, in their words, “help improve efficiency, safety and sustainability” with its patent-pending energy-recovery technology. The Eco provides up to 14.2 percent more power efficiency than the leading energy-conscious watermaker brand, says product manager Paul Kamel, thereby reducing fuel consumption and environmental impact by revolutionizing the way fresh water is produced, making it an ­essential investment.

Parker Hannifin H20 ECO
Parker Hannifin Parker Hannifin H20 ECO

Parker Sea Recovery and Village Marine are leading forces in the watermaking industry, with more than a century of combined experience and expertise. Both are established pioneers in the field, dominating the market with top-of-the-line systems that transform seawater into pristine, potable water.

Parker Hannifin H2O ECO Notable Features

  • Works with AC or DC power
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Small footprint

Spot Zero

The manufacturer of SeaXchange watermakers and Spot Zero water purifiers unveiled its Mobile Pro Series at the 2023 Miami International Boat Show in February.

Spot Zero revolutionized onboard water purification with its patented double-pass technology to produce high-purity spot-free water from both seawater and any dockside source of water to increase mechanical efficiency while maximizing pure-water volumes for both onboard water use and spot-free washdowns.

Spot Zero Mobile Pro Mini
Spot Zero Spot Zero Mobile Pro Mini

Notable to Spot Zero is its groundbreaking XZII Spot Zero and SeaXchange combination system. The XZII series seamlessly integrates Spot Zero’s double-pass water-purifier technology and its SeaXchange watermaker into one compact, fully automated system. The result: optimal volumes of fresh and spot-free water from anywhere in the world.

Spot Zero’s newest water-purifier series features the Mobile Pro and Mobile Pro Mini. The series features a 6061-T6 ­anodized-aluminum-alloy unibody frame, an LCD performance-data display with touchscreen controls, and all-internal plumbing with robust and compact durability.

“We pioneered the market with mobile water purification more than a decade ago, and our Mobile Pro Series is uniquely special because we are truly breaking our own mold with the advanced techniques, technology and materials,” says Spot Zero president and founder Ben Koppenhoefer. “The Mobile Pro Mini is the most innovative, compact and durable high-performance mobile water purifier in its performance class, and is specifically designed for the center-console market.” The newly launched Mobile Pro Mini is designed for boats 20 feet and up.

As our need for speed, convenience and space continues to makes its way toward the forefront in the recreational boating and fishing industries, so does the need for manufacturers to keep up with those demands, and water purification is no different.

Spot Zero Mobile Pro Mini Notable Features

  • All-internal plumbing
  • Most compact footprint
  • Easy-to-use LCD keypad
  • Comfort grip handles
  • Nonslip rubber feet
  • Corrosion-resistant unibody frame

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