Navico Fathom e-Power

Lithium-ion battery system replaces gas and diesel generators.
Fathom e-Power runs onboard systems, negating the need for a traditional generator.

Navico Group has launched the Fathom e-Power System, an integrated lithium-ion power-management system that allows boaters to run multiple onboard systems—such as air conditioning, water heater, stereo, refrigerator and more—without the need for a traditional gas- or diesel-powered generator.

Available in 12-, 24- and 48-volt customizable, pre-assembled kits, Fathom can be integrated into a wide variety of boats.

Fathom system control
Courtesy Navico Group Fathom controls a wide variety of functions from bow to stern.

This complete system—including lithium-ion batteries, sensors, switches and controllers—is possible because of Navico Group’s stable of brands, including Mastervolt, BEP, CZone, Ancor and Blue Sea Systems. An intuitive user interface allows boaters to monitor and control their power on and off the vessel using multifunction displays or smart mobile devices.

Fathom on MFD
Courtesy Navico Group Boaters can monitor and control their vessel systems from an onboard display, or by using a mobile or wearable device.

Navico Group says that a major component of its strategy for the future is electrification. The Fathom e-Power System was designed to simplify electrification for the group’s boatbuilding partners. Pricing will be set by those manufacturers.


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