JBL PRV-275 Stereo Receiver

Stereo that fits a gauge hole.
JBL PRV-275 receiver
Courtesy JBL The PRV-275 is easy to install.

JBL’s PRV-275 is the right shape and size to fit holes left in your dash from a tachometer or speedometer if and when you switch to a multifunction display for engine instrumentation. The weatherproof, Bluetooth-enabled stereo receiver fits a standard 3 1/2-inch-diameter gauge hole for simple installation.

The round PRV-275 display has a color LCD screen, a built-in amplifier, AM/FM and weather band, a USB port, aux and video feed inputs, and three pairs of RCA pre-outs for adding an amplifier or subwoofer.

Easy-to-use nonslip buttons and a rotary encoder are engineered for simple use, even in rough waters. Rated for four speakers at 45 watts peak power, this stereo receiver delivers clean audio when paired with JBL marine speakers, even at the highest volume settings. $299.95; prospecelectronics.com


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