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Icom America has won many awards for their marine communications equipment across their entire family of products. Commercial mariners and boating enthusiasts alike covet Icom marine radios for their legendary durability and ease of use. Icom’s marine equipment includes long range, ship-to-shore, single side-band (SSB) transceivers for worldwide communications and the best in shorter range VHF marine communications. In addition, Icom was the first manufacturer to produce highly advanced and very compact hand-held VHF marine transceivers that are not only submersible, have built in GPS and DSC, but also float.

Icom Products

Icom M510

Icom M510

VHF radios just got a lot handier—literally.
Icom M37 handheld VHF radio

Icom M37

This 6-watt handheld VHF radio is commercial-grade.

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