Harman Introduces New DSP Audio Technology for Marine Audio

Automotive Audio Bus reduces cables and creates custom sound.
Harman Kardon DSP audio module
Courtesy Harman Kardon Marine The DSP audio module is the heart of an A2B-equipped system.

Harman has announced its first marine digital-signal audio processor with Automotive Audio Bus (A2B) technology.

An A2B-equipped system offers up to 32 channels of digital audio through a two-wire bus. That means that it no longer relies on conventional analog RCA cables thereby reducing the possibility of inducing noise into the signal. Harman says the technology can produce better-than-CD fidelity.

The DSP audio module holds Harman’s proprietary tuning algorithms, which allow a Harman engineer to create a custom tune for every boat model. Boat builders then easily program each module at the factory, using a Harman programming tool.

The A2B reduces the cabling needs and increases the distance audio signals may run from the head unit to the amplifiers. Boat builders can then locate amps closer to batteries.

“Harman Kardon Marine is committed to offering boat builders and their customers not just the best sound in the business, but the easiest ownership experience imaginable,” says Kent Jopling, Harman Global Senior Manager for Marine. “Combining our years of OEM automotive audio expertise, along with our advanced DSP with A2B technologies, will be a game changing experience for boatbuilders. This technology simplifies installation, wiring and programming.”

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