Garmin OnDeck Remote Connectivity System

The latest in remote vessel monitoring and telematics
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Telematics might be the current marine-tech ­buzzword, but its concept is fairly facile. Telematics refers to the transmission of data over a distance. For instance, drivers can now start their cars by engaging a smartphone app.

On the water, telematics systems began delivering remote vessel monitoring and management about five years ago. Garmin has further refined the technology with its new OnDeck system, which gives boat owners 24/7 access to ­critical and timely information about their vessels.

When paired with Garmin’s ActiveCaptain app, OnDeck monitors battery status, bilge activity, door/hatch sensors, GPS location and more. Anglers also can be notified if the boat moves in or out of a custom geofenced area (unlike satellite-­based security systems, this is not instantaneous).

In addition to the hub unit, OnDeck includes door, temperature and shore-power sensors, and a relay switch. The system can be used with or without a multifunction display and has a 48-hour internal backup battery.

System: $849.99; subscriptions: $19.99 per month, or $12.99 per month for a one-year plan.


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