Fusion Signature Series 3i Speaker Line Expands With 8.8-inch Wake Tower Options

New larger size delivers 330 watts of power and pairs with Apollo components.
Fusion 8.8-inch wake tower speakers
Fusion’s latest 8.8-inch wake tower speakers were designed to best engine noise at speed.

Optimized to deliver premium sound that overpowers engine noise, Fusion’s new 8.8-inch wake tower speakers join the 65.- and 7.7-inch versions in the Signature Series 3i lineup. These speakers feature CURV cone technology; woven-fiber composite materials create a lighter, stronger design that helps speakers project.

When paired with a Fusion DSP-enabled stereo such as the Apollo MS-RA770 and Apollo Series marine amplifiers, these speakers push clear sound to each individual zone. Apollo Series amplifiers also alleviate installation and adjustment hassles by offering in-the-box mounting brackets and Easy-Tune setup via the Fusion-Link app for compatible smart devices.

Fusion speakers in a range of colors
Courtesy Fusion Entertainment, a Garmin brand Fusion combines red, green and blue with cool white and warm white to create a broad spectrum of colors.

The Signature Series 3i wake tower speakers combine red, green and blue LEDs with cool white and warm white (CRGBW) for a spectrum of color from soft pastels to vibrant hues. For more customization, the CRGBW wireless remote allows full control over brightness, mode (static or dynamic) and speed from anywhere onboard.

The 8.8-inch speakers deliver 330 watts of peak power (130 watts of RMS), are IP65 rated, and come in Sports White or Sports Black with a new Sports Gray metallic grille. They cost $1,049.99 per pair.

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