Fusion Entertainment’s Apollo WB670: the latest in marine entertainment

Fusion Entertainment’s Apollo WB670 delivers great sound without demanding dashboard space
Courtesy Fusion Entertainment

Great music might not be a US Coast Guard carriage requirement, but it’s almost always an important ingredient for a great day of boating. The trouble, however, is that stereo receivers can take up valuable helm real estate. Fusion Entertainment’s Apollo WB670 hideaway stereo is a compact, black-box-style stereo that’s designed to fit into places such as storage lockers, spare compartments or inside helm consoles. The stereo’s embedded Fusion-Link allows the system to be controlled via compatible multifunction displays, as well as Android and Apple wireless devices that are running the Fusion-Link app, or via Fusion’s ERX 400 wired remote. (Users can keep their stereos running smoothly by leveraging their smartphone’s Fusion-Link app to share over-the-air software updates.) Better still, the WB670 optimizes downstream speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers using Fusion’s digital-signal-processing technology, and its PartyBus feature lets users determine what tunes are played in different zones.

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