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Since their inception in 1948, when the world’s first fish finder was commercialized, FURUNO ELECTRIC CO., LTD. has been responding to the needs of the maritime industry through developing various types of marine electronics. Today, FURUNO is a total marine electronics manufacturer operating on a global scale with a great many loyal customers.

TZT3 Multifunction Display

When you want to zoom in on any portion of the water column, use Furuno’s Marker Zoom tool. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen, tap Marker Zoom, and a box appears on your screen. Drag it and resize it to enlarge that area and view it in split-screen mode.

When you employ the Fish-It/Drift-It feature on TZtouch3 and TZtouch2 units, you can pick a spot of underwater structure to fish, and then ask the unit to calculate how far you need to move your boat upcurrent drift back to that spot. You can set the drift time in small increments up to 20 seconds.

Use Quick Pages to create shortcuts to your favorite features like radar overlaid on a chart, or split-screen sonar. Swipe down from the top of the screen to save a new shortcut or click on a favorite. This is similar to choosing presets on your car stereo system.

Range shift lets you see a specific portion of the water column in full-screen mode. For instance, if you’re fishing in 250 feet of water, you can use range shift to show you an enlarged view of the last 30 feet — from 220 to 250. That makes bottomfish targets appear larger.

Fishing sea surface temperature breaks is a key tool for success. When you set up your track line—a line that shows your boat’s path as you motor along—you can set the color of the line to change based on sea-surface temperature. That way, you instantly know when you’ve crossed from colder to warmer water, even when it’s only a fraction of a degree change.

DFF3D Multibeam Sonar

The DFF3D Multibeam Sonar unit, connected to your TZtouch3 or TZtouch2, shows you fish marks in 3D. If you touch on the fish mark, it will tell you how deep it is, how far away from the boat it is, and where it is in relation to the bottom structure.

Draw your own shaded relief chart with the PBG (Personal Bathymetric Generator), using Furuno’s DFF3D Multibeam Sonar. Turn the unit on to record, drive or drift over the area, and the bottom structure comes alive onscreen. The recording then saves to the unit.

NXT Solid State Radar

Offshore anglers use their radar to find birds all the time, but did you know you could use your radar to find birds—and therefore bait—near the shoreline? This tip shows you how to dial in your radar to best differentiate birds from other clutter along the beach.

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Furuno TZT24X

Size Matters

Furuno goes bigger — and better — with the new TZT22X and TZT24X TZtouchXL units.

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