First Look: Evoy Storm

World’s first 300 hp electric outboard engine.
Evoy electric outboard
Courtesy Evoy A Norwegian company, Evoy sells mainly throughout the Nordic countries and Europe. It sells to the United States and Japan on a case-by-case basis.

Evoy has announced the 300 hp Storm, the most powerful electric outboard ever put on the water, the company says. The engine delivers 225 kW of continuous power, weighs approximately 595 pounds, and is juiced by two to three batteries (depending upon range) that weigh about 840 pounds each. Evoy says that the battery modules are designed for 3,000 charging cycles with 70 percent depth of discharge.

Storm is available for preorder and is priced at 74,900 euros ($75,800). Battery systems are available for normal, long and extra-long range, and cost 69,800 to 209,400 euros ($70,639 to $211,914).

Evoy owners can monitor their outboard using an app that delivers near-real-time information about charging and sensor readings, among other features.

Electric outboards, like electric cars, make no sound and emit no fumes. But their range is often limited: Evoy states that its electric engines can travel about 30 nm at planing speed or cruise at 5 knots for up to 12 hours—depending upon the boat size, weight and design, as well as sea conditions. 

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