First Look: Everglades Rotating Helm Seat

Swivel to easily swap seats for a leaning post.
Everglades swiveling helm seat
Courtesy Everglades Boats Everglades created a rotating helm seat that converts to mezzanine seating.

We offered a glimpse at the rotating helm seat designed by Everglades Boats when that company debuted its 235cc this past year. But Everglades has now delivered a larger, more feature-rich version for its new 285cc that deserves a closer look. Everglades says that the innovation follows a trend toward employing aft-facing mezzanine seats aboard sport-fishers so that mates can watch their spread of baits. To adapt that for smaller-cockpit center-console vessels, Everglades created a rotating helm seat that converts to mezzanine seating.

In its forward-facing position, the double helm seat offers the captain and crew flip-up bolsters and armrests. The aft side of the unit features a sculpted cushion that creates a leaning post. The leaning-post cushion folds down for tackle storage and a rigging area.

When mates want to sit and watch the lines—or when family wants to watch swimmers or snorkelers—the seating unit rotates. A foldout footrest helps make the perch even more comfortable. The helmsman still has a cushioned leaning post to use when needed.

The rotating mechanism is manual for simplicity, Everglades says. To swivel the seat, the captain pulls a spring-loaded stainless-steel latch on the centerline of the forward side of the seat. The platform rotates on an assembly of -through-bolted stainless components with low-friction Delrin rings. The seat locks once it fully rotates. Two slide bolts fasten the seat into position. 


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