First Look: Airmar Introduces New Temperature and Speed Sensors

Second-generation paddlewheel improves performance.
Airmar ST900
Courtesy Airmar A new Gen2 paddlewheel improves performance.

Airmar’s new analog ST900 and ST950 through-hull multisensors for speed-through-water and temperature improve on their predecessors with the addition of a new Gen2 paddlewheel. The ultra-responsive wheel delivers top speed performance while adding additional start-up speed capability.

By sensing speeds as low as 0.3 knots, the ST900 and ST950 outperform conventional paddlewheel sensors, which commonly need higher speeds to begin reporting accurate data, according to Airmar.

As a boat accelerates, speed-through-water resolution remains smooth through 45 knots due to an improved 5.7 Hz (5 times per second) speed output. Receiving smoother and more consistent speed data earlier enables smarter and faster decisions on the water during crucial times, especially for competitive sailors.

The new sensors retail for $329 and are available with plastic, bronze or stainless-steel outer housings. The ST900 retrofits into the ST800’s existing P120 and B120 housings; the ST950 retrofits into the ST850’s P17 and B17 housings.


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