ACR Electronics Announces AIS-Capable Emergency Beacons

New EPIRBs and PLB also allow boaters to monitor their devices with a mobile app.
Courtesy ACR Electronics This new ACR EPIRB can be monitored using a free mobile app.

ACR Electronics has announced the ACR GlobalFix V5 EPIRB, a mobile-connected AIS EPIRB with Return Link Service. The company says the V5 will ensure faster rescue in emergencies.

The unit features integrated AIS and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, which works with the free ACR mobile app and is compatible with Return Link Service alerting. RLS notifies users that the satellite system has received the distress message. NFC allows boaters to monitor their beacons, review self-tests, and view GNSS test locations. Simply hold a mobile phone over the beacon’s NFC area to transfer the latest information to the mobile app.

By adding AIS to its beacons for the first time, ACR offers boaters an additional method of communicating their location so that nearby vessels receive distress signals.

Soon to be available with a Category 1 float-free bracket or a Category II manual-release bracket, the V5 is pending FCC authorization for sale. ACR also plans to offer the GlobalFix V6 EPIRB, with RLS and NFC, for boaters who prefer a non-AIS option.

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ACR phone app
Courtesy ACR Electronics The ResQLink AIS PLB will combine global and local response options.

In addition to the EPIRB, ACR also revealed the ResQLink AIS PLB for personal carry. The new personal locator beacon combines the global response of the 406 MHz Cospas-Sarsat satellite rescue services with the transmission of AIS signals for local assistance from nearby vessels.

The PLB also comes with Near Field Communications and Return Link Service so boaters can monitor their beacons using the ACR mobile app, as well as receive signal confirmations. The unit weighs 0.42 lb. and measures 7.87-by-1.41-by-1.81 inches. It can operate for 24 hours and features a five-year battery life. This device is pending FCC authorization for sale.

Retail prices for the GlobalFix V5 are expected to range from $519.95 to $619.95; the V6 will cost $474.95 to $574.95.

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