About Us

Best Marine Electronics & Technology is an expert-driven content resource powered by the four leading titles in marine media: Boating, Yachting, Cruising World and Salt Water Sportsman. The goal: to provide expert information, first looks, field tests and product reviews to boaters, yachtsmen, anglers and sailors looking to optimize their time on the water. BMET covers the latest gear, electronics, technology and innovation through multiple channels: the website, the quarterly “elex-zine” (an enhanced, mobile-friendly e-zine), and the annual buyer’s guide and Best Elex Awards.

Editors and Contributors

Kevin Falvey

Kevin Falvey is the editorial director of Boating and Bonnier’s water sports group. While he has been with Boating for more than 20 years. Kevin’s experience in the marine industry goes beyond editorial, including previous roles as a boat builder and boatyard manager. He is also the author of The Total Boating Manual.

Jim Hendricks

Jim Hendricks is the West Coast and electronics editor of Salt Water SportsmanSport Fishing and Boating, and has more than 35 years of experience in marine and outdoor media. Among his many duties with the three brands is electronics columnist, boat tester, and judge for Boating‘s annual Boat of the Year Awards.

Mark Pillsbury

Mark Pillsbury is the editor-in-chief of Cruising World, a position he’s held since 2005. He is an avid sailor who has traveled the globe to test new boats and products. Mark also oversees Cruising World‘s annual Boat of the Year Awards.

David Schmidt

David Schmidt is the electronics editor of Yachting and Cruising World, and contributing editor of the Marine Electronics & Technology Guide. The lifelong sailor has written extensively about sailing and electronics, and is a sailing contributor to The New York Times International Edition.

Patrick Sciacca

Patrick Sciacca is the editor-in-chief of Yachting, the 114-year-old magazine that is the oldest publication in marine media. An avid angler and mariner who holds a 100-ton Master license from the United States Coast Guard, Patrick has traveled the world to test and write about more than 150 boats.

Randy Vance

Randy Vance is the editor-at-large of Bonnier’s fish and marine groups, where his duties include boat tester and video host for Boating‘s certified boat test series, editor of the Fishing Boat Buyer’s Guide, electronics editor of Marlin, and director of BoatingLAB. He is also the author of Power Boating for Dummies.

Chris Woodward

Chris Woodward is the executive editor of Bonnier’s fish group, where she oversees editorial for Sport Fishing and regularly contributes to Salt Water Sportsman. Chris has covered electronics extensively during her career, and has served as judge for the National Marine Electronics Association’s Product of Excellence Awards.