A Safe Distress Flare Alternative

ACR Electronics introduces its U.S. Coast Guard approved LED distress flare for recreational sailors.
ACR Electronics ResQFlare
Courtesy ACR Electronics The ACR Electronics ResQFlare and signal flag package provides a safe alternative to pyrotechnic flares.

This article originally appeared on SailingWorld.com

According to ACR, the ResQFlare and Distress Flag “provide a complete distress signaling solution that is certified to meet U.S. Coast Guard requirements as a reliable and highly efficient alternative to onboard pyrotechnic flares. The ResQFlare and Flag are individually classified as approved Visual Distress Signals for night and day, respectively, ensuring recreational boaters in US waters are fully equipped to attract the attention of rescue personnel in an emergency.”

”Significantly enhancing the chance of survival and rescue by emitting the flash characteristic for the International Morse Code for S-O-S, the waterproof and buoyant ACR ResQFlare automatically rights itself in the water, providing 360-degrees visibility for for more than six miles. The distress flare’s high efficiency electronics ensure a substantial operational life, with the LED strobe maintaining 75 cd peak equivalent fixed intensity for over 20 hours, which is more than three times longer than USCG requirements. Compact, lightweight and easy to operate, the ResQFlare features a durable design and a user replaceable battery power source, ensuring it is a one-time purchase that will provide many years of service.

“The supplied ACR Distress Flag, included in the package with every ResQFlare, offers numerous daylight signalling options. Displayed with the black square over the black circle, the flag can be flown on the mast or highest possible point, displayed by hand or waved on a boat hook, paddle, or fishing rod. It can also be laid flat on the deck to attract aircraft.

”The ACR Electronics ResQFlare is certified under USCG 161.013 as a Night-time Visual Distress Signal, while the Distress Flag is certified under USCG 160.072 as a Daytime Visual Distress Signal. Carriage of the ResQFlare and Distress Flag together allows boaters to forego the requirement for traditional pyrotechnic flares when on vessels up to 65ft in length, boating on the Great Lakes, within 12 miles of US waters, or on any body of water with a passageway to the sea at least two miles wide. Vessels less than 16ft are not required to carry a Day Visual Distress Signal, but must still carry a Night Visual Distress Signal, making the ResQFlare a viable alternative to pyrotechnic flares for smaller boats. The ResQFlare package can be purchased for $79.95.


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